Primeway Tool & Engineering, one of the first EDM job shops in the USA, was founded in 1958 by Pingree “Ping” Ianitelli who foresaw the growing market using a new developing technology called Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). In those early years, he worked fervently to make EDM an accepted manufacturing process by educating customers about what it could do, then offered these services to them so they would not have to make the investment themselves. Ping realized this helped his competitors but felt it was necessary to get this process accepted within the industry. He worked with GE doing additional testing and giving feedback as they were developing the first premium graphite EDM material called Gentrode-10.

In the mid-1960s, Ping designed and built the first large independent twin-headed sinker EDM on a single shared X screw with a common base. In 1966, Ping built his first Wire EDM Machine. He never shied away from a difficult job, and always wanted to prove that the impossible was possible by taking on the jobs that others said could not be done. He used this early WEDM machine to cut an exotic material for rocket bases. In these early development years of EDM, many machines were custom made. To create versatile EDM machines, he converted planers and other non-EDM machine tools along with designing and integrating Elox and ERM power supplies for these machines.

In the late 70’s early 80’s Ping took on a project for the Nuclear industry developing an EDM machine from a horizontal planer to EDM 6 slots through 60+ inches all within .005” total of each other and the perimeter. He agreed to do one prototype to prove it could be done… He was successful, setting off a 3-year contract. As it is with anyone’s development, several EDM techniques were learned during this project which are still implemented today.

Ping’s determination to bring new innovations to EDM was exemplified and continues through generations. His passion for EDM, and his numerous creations and innovations make him one of the Original EDM Pioneers. He helped to create and shape the industry into what it is today.

Over 65 years later, the companies he built have thrived and survived the turbulent times. Still, three generations live by his words, “We are only as good as the people working with us”.  That motto held true for the first two employees, and still holds true today.

Ping’s legacy lives on through his sons, Larry and Bob (second generation), and now through his grandson Tony Tyll (third generation), who work diligently to keep Ping’s vision alive in our Core Values, and the continuation of new innovations and research in EDM.